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Sunday Mornings: Reading the book of 1 Samuel

Tiddlywinks on Monday Mornings

Our 2015 Lent Studies will take place on Wednesdays at 7.30pm. This year, members of our Ministry Team will unpack Bible passages which carry personal significance for them. ...more
Grief Recovery is a weekly support group for those who have lost a loved one through death ...more
Providing telephone support and a weekly befriending service for mothers and their families affected by pre or post natal depression across North Birmingham. ...more

The Week Ahead
Thursday 05/03 10:00 Acacia
Friday 06/03 18:00 Boys Brigade
20:00 8-a-Side Football
Saturday 07/03 10:00 Musicians' Team Rehearsal
10:30 Saturday Coffee Shop
Sunday 08/03 09:15 Holy Communion
10:45 Morning Prayer
Monday 09/03 10:00 Tiddlywinks
Tuesday 10/03 08:00 Gardening Team
12:00 St John's Pantry
14:00 Afternoon Fellowship
Wednesday 11/03 10:00 Holy Communion
10:45 Bible Chat
19:30 Lent Studies
Thursday 12/03 10:00 Acacia
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