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Tiddlywinks on Monday Mornings

Grief Recovery

Our Holiday Club for primary aged children will run from Tuesday 26th August to Friday 29th August.Sign up now! ...more
Grief Recovery is a weekly support group for those who have lost a loved one through death ...more
The Alpha Course is a no-pressure, fun and informative course. It's a place to relax, share your thoughts and explore the meaning of life. All welcome. ...more

The Week Ahead
Thursday 18/09 10:00 Acacia
Friday 19/09 18:00 Boys Brigade
Saturday 20/09 10:00 Food Hygene Course
10:00 Musicians' Team Rehearsal
10:30 Saturday Coffee Shop
Sunday 21/09 09:15 Morning Prayer
10:45 Holy Communion
Monday 22/09 10:00 Tiddlywinks
Tuesday 23/09 08:00 Gardening Team
12:00 St John's Pantry
14:00 Afternoon Fellowship
Wednesday 24/09 09:15 Jo Jingles
10:00 Holy Communion
10:45 Bible Chat
Thursday 25/09 10:00 Acacia
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