Courses : Lent Studies

Lent Studies 2017


Lent 2017


Lent Studies 2016
Starts Thursday, 25th February in the Main Church (7.30 pm)


Lent 2016

Lent Studies 2015

The Lent Studies in 2015 will take place on Wednesdays at 7.30pm on the 25th of February, and the 4th, 11th, 18th, & 25th of March. The format for each evening will be a 30-45 minutes talk, followed by tea / coffee and discussions in groups. House groups are invited to suspend their usual meetings during Lent and to take part in these studies instead.



Lent Studies 2014

Our 2014 Lent Studies focussed on matters relating to Sex, Singleness, and Marriage. Due to the sensitive nature of the material, the talks and resources are only available on application to the Church Office.




Lent Studies 2013

Our 2013 Lent Studies focussed on the Book of Judges. The talks and resources are available to church members here.


Lent Studies 2013 banner


Lent Studies 2013 Programme


Date Time Subject
Wednesday 20th February 7.30pm Why is the Old Testament so violent?
Wednesday 27th February 7.30pm Why did Israel need a mother in Deborah?
Wednesday 6th March 7.30pm What was Gideon doing in a wine-press?
Wednesday 13th March 7.30pm Why did Jephthah sacrifice his daughter?
Wednesday 20th March 7.30pm What was really the secret of Samson's strength?


Lent Studies 2012

What questions do you have about the Christian faith? The topics for our Lent studies in 2012 were democratically decided. During January and Februrary church members have filled in their top five questions on the “Burning Questions” forms in the church lounge. Those which have appeared most frequently will made up our Lent studies for 2012. The subjects are listed below.  The talks and resources are available to church members here.



Burning Questions 


"Burning Questions" Programme


Date Time Subject
Wednesday 29th February 7.30pm When Christians disagree, who is right?
Wednesday 7th March 7.30pm What is Holy Communion, and who should receive it?
Wednesday 14th March 7.30pm Has science killed God?
Wednesday 21st March 7.30pm What is the point in praying?
Wednesday 28th March 7.30pm Does God really heal people?


Each of the subjects listed above received three or more votes. The remaining questions are summarized below - perhaps these can be addressed on other occasions.


  • The Apostle’s Creed says that Jesus descended into hell. How can that be? (x2)

  • Why is there suffering in the world / in my life? (x2)
  • When is the use of tongues in church appropriate? (x1)
  • Spiritual gifts – How do we know what they are & how to use them? (x1)
  • What should you do when someone is upset and you feel led to help them? (x1)
  • Homosexuality – what does the bible say? What does the church say? How does this affect how we live in today’s society? (x1)
  • Why and how should we fast? (x1)
  • Tithing – should it be over 10%? This would be good to go over in the church’s current economic situation. (x1)
  • What is the nature of judgement day? (x1)
  • How can evil come from a God of love? (x1)
  • Why does God use physical aggression to subdue the promised land? (x1)
  • If God is the one true God, is there still any spiritual warfare in modern society? (x1)
  • How do you know if the Holy Spirit is guiding you? (x1)
  • If you have been filled with the Holy Spirit once, are you always filled – is he always there, and why do we have to keep asking to be filled? (x1)




Big Ideas in Ephesians Chapter One

Lent Studies 2011


In our 2011 Lent Studies we looked at some of the big ideas which the apostle Paul refers to in the opening chapter of the letter to the Ephesians. We looked at Election & Predestination, Adoption, Incorporation into Christ, Redemption, Grace, and Resurrection. The talks and resources are available to church members here.