Belonging : Using ChurchSuite

We are improving our systems of administration and communication by using ChurchSuite – a web-based management system specifically designed for churches. ChurchSuite will enable us to improve how we communicate with church members, making it easier to manage mailing lists and be more effective in providing pastoral care.


As a user you will be able to login to ChurchSuite on a web browser or through the free App, enabling you to do these things, and more:

 - Keep your contact details up to date.

 - Get in touch with other church members.

 - Book tickets for church events.

 - View any rotas you are on.


How do I get started with ChurchSuite?

If you are an existing church member, and you were previously on our church database because you had filled in a “Church Family Form”, you should have received an email from ChurchSuite providing you with a link to set up a login email and password. If you have not received this, please let the Church Office know and your email address can be checked and the link can be re-sent. 


If you never got round to filling in a Church Family Form and you consider yourself a member of St John’s then you can easily “sign up” by using this form - please allow a few days for your details to be verified, and then you will receive the email from ChurchSuite.


What happens next?

Once you have received the invitation email and you have set up your login email and password, you will see a page like this whenever you log in.

How do I set my privacy settings?

None of your details can be accessed by anyone who is not a member of St John’s. When you click to edit your details, a panel appears to enable you to specify how your details should appear to other church members (address, email, telephone, mobile). We recommend having at least one means of contact visible.


Can I access ChurchSuite on my Phone? My Tablet? My PC?

On any device you can access your ChurchSuite account by using a browser to navigate to

You can also download the ChurchSuite App from your App Store. Search for “churchsuite” and look for the logo pictured at the top of this page. You use the login email and password you specified to log in to the App, and it will remember them for you.


Is it secure?

All of ChurchSuite uses SSL encryption, meaning that all the data passing between your device and the ChurchSuite server does so using 256-bit military grade encryption. SSL is an industry standard technology and one you're probably familiar with if you use online banking; it's the same technology used by all the major UK and international banks.

You can find our more about ChurchSuite’s safety and security here