Regular Services : Sundays


On Sundays, we gather together in a variety of services, to bring our prayers and praise to God, to hear his word to us from the bible, and to encourage each other in the faith of Christ for the week ahead. All are welcome to any of our services. People sometimes ask "What should I wear to church?" - but there are no fixed "rules" about this. Some people come in their Sunday best, others come in their jeans. We're more interested in you, and the fact that you are with us, than in how you are dressed.


Upcoming service details can be found here.


The 9.15am Service in Walmley

The 9.15 am service is a quieter, more meditative service, lasting for around one hour. Traditional and modern hymns and songs are sung. Twice each month we celebrate Holy Communion. There are no groups for children at this service, but you are welcome to bring children if this sort of service would interest them.


The 10.45am Service in Walmley

The 10.45 am service is a more contemporary, family oriented service, which has provision for children. This service usually has lively worship, with a band and music group. On the first Sunday of the month, there is a special "Explore Together" service which is aimed to engage all learning types and is for all ages. This service usually lasts for just under an hour.

On the other Sundays in the month, the 10.45 service has children and young people in the service to begin with, and then part way through there are groups for them, while the adults remain to engage with a bible reading, sermon, and prayers for the world. On the third Sunday we celebrate Holy Communion.


The 4pm Service in Minworth

At 4pm we gather together at St George's church in Minworth. The service pattern varies throughout the month. 


The 6pm "Evening Fellowship" in Walmley

On Sunday evening there is a more informal fellowship group that meets at 6pm in St John's church lounge. The first Sunday of the month is a Holy Communion service and the other Sunday nights we gather to share testimonies and worship together.