Support : Grief Recovery

Grief Recovery is a weekly support group for those who have lost a loved one through death. Every week the group looks at a DVD which provides important teaching on topics related to death and grief. After this there is an opportunity to discuss what they have heard or anything else they wish to talk about. This is all done in a safe, loving and confidential environment. 


Workbooks provide a structure and a Christian ethos where participants can be helped to look at their thoughts and emotions. The topics covered in the 13 week cycle are:-


Session Topic
1 Living with Grief
2 The Journey of  Grief
3 The Effects of Grief
4 When your Spouse Dies
5 Your Family and Grief 
6 Why?
7 The Uniqueness of Grief - Part 1
8 The Uniqueness of Grief - Part 2
9 God's Prescription for Grief
10 Stuck in Grief
11 Top Twenty Lessons on Grief - Part 1
12 Top Twenty Lessons on Grief - Part 2
13 Heaven


If you are interested, please contact the church office,  either by phone or email, or drop by during office hours.