Support : Pot of Gold

You are invited to Pot of Gold Club if you have lost someone close to you through death or your parents' break-up. If you have lost a parent, brother, sister, grandparent, aunt, uncle or best friend, Pot of Gold Club is for you. At Pot of Gold Club children aged 6–11 help each other learn to cope with their sad feelings by playing games, listening to stories, and doing some art work.  If that sounds good to you, please join us at St John’s Church in Walmley on Monday evenings from 6:30-8:00pm starting in March. A warm welcome awaits you!


How does Pot of Gold help?

Pot of Gold helps by:

Providing a safe setting in which children and young people can talk through their feelings with their peers who are experiencing similar situations.  They are helped to express their feelings by an adult facilitator or listener.

Providing materials – journals, story books, crafts, games and activities – which form a structured programme leading the children through the grieving process.

Enabling children to name, understand and come to terms with the many emotions they experience.


What is the duration and frequency of Pot of Gold Club meetings?

Normally, the programme runs for twelve weeks in total, beginning in March. If you are interested, please contact the Church Office: 0121 313 0413.