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Church Lounge


View of the Church Lounge including the kitchen and stage areas

 View of the Stage Area in the Church Lounge





View of the Kitchen


Upper Lounge


Upper Lounge



The Parochial Church Council (PCC) and Vicar of St John’s Church, Walmley, promote the advancement of the Christian Faith.  The PCC and vicar reserve the right not to allow within church facilities any alternative spirituality or belief to be undertaken or promoted or other activities or promotions to take place not considered acceptable by the PCC and/or vicar.


  • The Facilities available for hire are as follows:

The Church Centre:            The Church, Upper Lounge, Lower Lounge and Kitchen.

The Church Hall:                The Hall and small room, or The Small Room only.


  • Approved individuals or organisations:

The PCC reserve the right not to hire facilities to organisations or individuals not approved by them or not recommended to them by a church member acting as guarantor.


The PCC and vicar reserve the right not to allow within church facilities any alternative spirituality (to Trinitarian Christianity) or belief to be undertaken or promoted or other activities or promotions to take place not considered acceptable by the PCC and/or vicar.


  • Liability

The Church will not be held liable for any injuries or loss incurred by the hirer or their guests/clients while on the   premises. 


The hirer must complete a Health & Safety Risk Assessment associated with its activities. If any risk might be considered the responsibility of the PCC the Risk Assessment must be given to the PCC in advance of the activities.


The hirer has sole responsibility for the safety of, and the safe use of, any equipment that is brought into the facilities or is used by them.  The hirer is responsible for ensuring any contractor supplying equipment has appropriate third party insurance/indemnity and any other insurance/indemnity necessary for the equipment they are supplying or using.


  • Child Protection and Vulnerable Adult Safeguarding Issues

For any activities that involve children or teenagers, or adults who may be vulnerable, organisers and individuals must sign the relevant section of the Booking Form (Part B).


Organisations working with children or teenagers or adults who might be vulnerable must have their own Safeguarding Policies, a copy of which may be requested by the PCC at any time.  These policies must offer safeguarding at least commensurate with the policies of the church.


Individual hirers must also sign the relevant section (3) agreeing to take full responsibility of children or young people or adults who might be vulnerable who attend their activity.


The activities of hirers are not insured under church insurance


  • Damage and Late Payment

Any damage caused to church property must be reported to the Parish Office at the earliest opportunity (Tel: 0121 313 0413, Email: and any necessary costs of repair or replacement paid.


The Church reserves the right not to allow an outside group or an individual to use any of the facilities if damage has previously been caused by them or if payment and or hire fees have not been made at the required time.  A deposit of £100, which is refundable, may be requested at the time of booking to cover any accidental damage whilst using the facility.


  • Church Equipment and property.
    No equipment and property belonging to the church may be taken out of the church premises unless permission is given and a record of removal and return made in the parish office.  Lost, broken or non-returned equipment will have to be paid for.


  • Keys

Any keys borrowed may be subject to a £10 returnable deposit from the hirer and they must be returned to the Church Office within two days of the event taking place.  The parish office bunch of keys must not leave the premises.


  • Audio-Visual (AV) and Public Address(PA)System

Use of AV/PA equipment in the Church cannot be undertaken unless an operator trained by or approved by the church is available. If an operator from church is required the request must be entered on the request form at the time of booking.  A charge will be made for this.


  • Loss of Property and use of own equipment

The Church will not accept any responsibility for property, vehicles or equipment belonging to the hirer or their guests/clients that is brought onto or left on Church premises.


  • Political Parties hiring Church Facilities

Hiring the church facilities for political purposes or by serving or prospective politicians / councillors is at the discretion of the PCC.  The PCC has an additional Policy for Political Parties hiring Church Facilities which must be adhered to.


  • Parking

Parking facilities for vehicles is extremely limited.  Hirers may not park vehicles in the vicarage private car park nor in the surgery car park during surgery hours.  The driveway at the side of the Church Hall must be kept sufficiently clear for access by disabled users of the hall, users of the Bowls Club and the Women’s Institute.  The Church does not accept responsibility for vehicles brought onto or left on church premises.


  • Smoking and Naked Lights

No smoking is permitted anywhere on or around the premises, and naked lights will not be used on or around the premises.


  • Fire Precautions

Users must make themselves familiar with the Fire Notices displayed on the premises.  Hirers are responsible for the safety of their guests/clients.  Hirers are responsible for ensuring all exit routes including emergency exit routes are kept clear, and that flammable or dangerous equipment is stored and used in a safe and responsible manner.  Regular users are recommended to hold emergency evacuation practises blocking off one of the exits each time.


In the event of a fire or incident the hirer is responsible for ensuring alarm procedures, evacuation procedures and checking procedures are known and carried out, and for ensuring the emergency services are called.  Persons using extinguishers must be aware of their own safety; no person must re-enter a building until given the all clear by a fire officer.


  • Alcohol

No alcohol will be permitted in or around the premises without the written authority of the Churchwardens.  Hirers are responsible for obtaining any licence required for the selling of alcohol. Where permission for the consumption of alcohol has been given formally, the hirer is responsible for the appropriate consumption of alcohol by any member of the group.  Only those over the age of 18yrs may consume alcohol on church premises.   All bottles and cans etc. must been taken away from the premises by the hirer.


  • Dangerous Substances and Implements

The consumption of dangerous substances on church premises is not permitted at any time.  It is not permitted to bring dangerous substances or implements on to the premises at any time, unless for professionally controlled and approved demonstration purposes.  Any person bringing or using dangerous substances on the premises will be asked to leave by the hirer and if they do not leave the hirer will call the emergency services.


  • Booking Procedure


Contact the Parish Office by person (opening times Monday-Friday 9.30-5.00), by telephone: 0121 313 0413, by Email:


  1. An enquiry regarding availability and cost may be made to the Parish Office.  You will be asked certain information about your organisation and the activity planned.  Your booking time must include preparation and clearing up times.  You may ask for provisional reservation at this stage which will be held for 2 weeks whilst, if necessary, the churchwardens are asked to approve the booking and cost.


  1. As soon as approval is given a Booking Form will be given to you, or sent by post or Email, with the Hiring of Facilities Policy and any additional documents you will need.  The booking form will give the cost and details of any deposit required and when payments are due. 


  1. For a first time booking we will require you to return the forms with your signature on the forms, thereafter for additional bookings we will in most circumstances accept Email or telephone notification.  When the signed forms are received in the Parish Office, with any deposit if required, the booking will be confirmed on the church calendar.  Please keep the Hiring of Facilities Policy for your reference.


  1. Late payment or failure to comply with the Hiring of Church Premises Policy will lead to cancellation of the booking.



  • End Time

Except by prior written arrangement, the usage period including clearing up time will end no later than 10.30pm and the premises locked at 10.30pm.


  • Preparation and Clearing Up

The church verger will open the facilities at the beginning of your booked time.


At the conclusion of each usage of the facilities the hirer will ensure that:

  1. 1.  All property that has been used has been cleaned, returned to its proper place and safely stored. Chairs will be stacked and tables returned to their storage areas.
  2. 2.  Property of the hirer that is allowed by the church to be left on the premises is packed and tidied away in its correct place. Nothing should be left on top surfaces. Cupboards, drawers and bookcases should be labelled.
  3. 3.  All rooms used are swept or vacuumed and left in a tidy condition.
  4. 4.  When kitchen facilities are used, all items are washed, sterilized and put away and the   floor cleaned. 
  5. 5.  All rubbish is removed from the premises.
  6. 6.  On leaving, all heating (not night storage heaters), lighting and kitchen facilities are turned off, toilets flushed, doors closed, the premises locked and as appropriate, keys returned.


Any hirer that leaves the facilities dirty and causes the engagement of a cleaner or causes additional costs will be charged for those costs.


Please note that dirty nappies must be put into nappy bags and placed into the nappy bins or taken away from the premises.  Hirers of activities involving babies and toddlers are asked not to leave the premises smelling of dirty nappies for the next user.