Premises Hire : Hire Rates

Church Hire Rates for all New Users

All bookings in the Church Centre are at the discretion of the Vicar and Churchwardens


Church Hall
  Hire Fee Per Hour  Dimensions of Room
MAIN HALL with kitchen (and small room) £14.25  
SMALL ROOM with kitchen £8.15  
CHILDREN'S PARTIES age 14 and under only £14.25 Parties for older children / adults at the discretion of the churchwardens
The kitchen is included in all hirings but only provides boiling water. Hirers must provide their own crockery, cutlery, utensils, towels.
Church Centre
LOWER LOUNGE only £14.25  
LOWER LOUNGE with kitchen servery (inc. boiling water and dishwasher) £20.40  
LOWER LOUNGE with kitchen cooking facilities £28.50  
STAGE area only £8.15  
UPPER LOUNGE (inc. kitchenette facility) £18.35  
CHURCH £51 By individual arrangement for each request.
The hiring fee for a combination of rooms or for an extended period will be by individual arrangement.