SJ Groups : AV Team

AV Desk

The ‘AV System’ team is a group of approximately 10 dedicated people who operate the AV system for the two morning services that take place each Sunday.


The AV system consists of two parts: An audio mixing desk for controlling speech from the people reading at the front and the music group and singers who contribute to the 10.45am service each Sunday, and also presentation software which allows all notices, liturgy, words the songs and any other visual content to be displayed on the large projector and television screens that are situated in the church.


Most sermons or talks are accompanied by PowerPoint presentations, photographs and video clips, all of which can be controlled by the AV operator.


The sermon at each service is recorded onto the PC, and is then made available via the St John's website at ‘Sermons and Talks’ link. The relevant PowerPoint presentations are also available for download from the website too. 


If you are interested in joining the AV Team, please speak with Steve Topliss or Chris Bright!