SJ Groups : House Groups

At St John's we currently have a variety of Small Groups running on various days and times during the week.


Every Small Group has a different flavour but share in common the following:


Connect - Each group typically consists of 8-12 people who come together to form and build relationships with one another.


Grow - Each group commits to studying the bible together. Some follow the sermons from Sunday, while others may choose a book of the bible to look at. At the forefront of Small Groups is the challenge of how we grow as Disciples of Jesus Christ through prayer, study and fellowship.


Serve - Small Groups commit to not be just inward looking, instead looking to serve both inside and outside the church. This can be through supporting missionaries, helping run coffee shop, or other events that reach out to those within our community. 


If you are interested in joining a Small Group please speak to Ade: (

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