Support : Divorce Recovery

What is Divorce Recovery?

Divorce Recovery is a weekly support group for those who are experiencing the pain of divorce, or break-up within their families. There are not many people who understand the hurt this can bring to you, your family or friends. The group is led by people who know what you are experiencing, although every situation is unique. Through the use of DVD's, workbooks and group discussion you will learn how to deal with the pain of the past and look forward to rebuilding your life. We meet in a safe, loving and confidential environment.


What are the sessions about? 

The workbooks provide a structure and a Christian ethos where those who come to us  can be helped to look at their thoughts and emotions.The topics covered in the 13 week cycle are:-


Session Topic
1 What's happening to me?
2 The road to healing / finding help
3 Facing my anger
4 Facing my depression
5 Facing my loneliness
6 What does the owner's manual say?
7 New relationships
8 Financial survival
9 Child care
10 Single sexuality
11 Forgiveness
12 Reconcilliation
13 Moving on / growing closer to God



When does Divorce Care take place?

No sessions are currently scheduled.


How do I take part?

Please contact the church office, either by phone or email, or drop by during office hours.